Sunday, February 27, 2005

Dhan Dhan Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib


Dhan Dhan Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Nanak Ke Ghar Keval Naam
Dear GuruSikh Pyaro: I entreat you to start Naam Jap; wash away your sins and obtain enlightenment (it does not matter whether you are an Amrit dhari Sikh or not).

To Obtain the Benefit of Naam, Start at the Amrit Vela (from 3:00 AM to 5:30 AM everyday)
The techinque of Naam Japna, which Guru Nanak told us in the 32nd Pauri of Japji Shahib, is to recite the Gurumanter vocally (using the tongue). It should be recited in a calm, slow, and musical manner--use the same even tone (dhun).

Where to Concentrate:
In Sikhi, we concentrate on Guru Shabad while doing Naam Japna. This means that while reciting the Gurumanter vocally, we must do vichar (concentrate on the meaning of the words while reciting them--so each time we recite the Gurumanter we must concentrate on its meaning).
By concentrating on the words while reciting them, your mind will be less likely to wander in its thoughts. With continuous practice, your mind will remain steady and focused and will not waver during the recitation of Gurumanter.

In Sikhi, the Gurumanter is given by the Panch Pyare (5 enlightened Sikhs) with Khanda de Pehul at the time of the Amrit Sanskar ceremony. For every Sikh, it is their mandatory duty to obtain amrit when he/she feels they are ready for it.
In the meantime, we should recite Gurumanter vocally everyday at Amrit vela (but also at any time during the day, whenever possible--at work in whispering mode). With continuous recitation of Gurumanter, eventually, the body and the subconscious mind start to automatically recite Gurumanter swas swas (breath by breath).

What is the Sikhi Gurumanter:
The Siromani Dal Rehat Maryda, which was adopted in 1932, say that the Gurumanter is WeheGuru.
However, prior to this, a more accurate definition for the Gurumanter was provided by Bhai Khan Singh Nabha his SHABAD KOSKH book, under the Heading of "GuruManter". There, it is written that the Sikh Gurumanter is SATNAM WEHEGURU, which means The One with the True Name (God) is my Guru.
I am a non-amrit dhari Sikh, and I use this Gurumanter (Satnam Weheguru) when I recite and do vichar on it meaning: Satnam - "True Name" to me that True Name is Ik Onkar , Weheguru - "You are my Guru". This is my personal viewpoint. It is up to you which Gurumanter you accept.

My Experience of Gurumanter Recitation:
During the first nine months of doing simran at Amrit vela, the Kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, and homai was significantly reduced from my mind. The most important thing is that my mind is becoming more and more concentrated in naam simran with each day.

I beg Guru for admission in "SIKHI'S KINDERGARTEN" before I die.

Dass Beggar Singh